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We offer very rare high-end antiques, Famous Master paintings, collectibles, to include jewelry, funiture, and more for sale. We specialize in Paintings done by famous Artist's. We are located in New York, but we sell all over the Country. Most of our Paintings and Antiques come with an appraisal. Some do not, but we always know the history and provenance and origin of the item we offer for sale.

All are antiques and paintings are 1 of a kind and very rare. We offer unique beautiful antiques below value as a courtesy to our wonderful repeat customers.

What makes us different from the rest is that we offer the rarest hardest to obtain paintings and antiques at a very affordable price. Always remember what you purchase can and will only go up in value. It is a very wise choice and investment.You can never lose the value of an antique or painting by a Famous Master, because it will only go up significantly in value over time. The items purchased with us can be given and handed down from generation to generation. As beautiful high valued family Heirlooms. This site was designed for the "serious art and antique collectors" only.

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