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I have been collecting antique dolls, antique Victorian porcelain dolls, and I specialize in vintage Barbie Dolls and vintage figurines. I have been collecting them for over 30 years. I fell in love with antique dolls and Barbie dolls when I when I was a child. We carry the most beautiful antique Victorian porcelain dolls. These gorgeous dolls show the skilled craftsmanship of doll designers of that era in history.

One of the most confusing aspects of antique Victorian porcelain dolls is the terms used to describe the material of the head. The Dolls heads are generally referred to as china or bisque, both of which are made of porcelain. Most of them come from France or Germany, and European Countries.

There was a case of gorgeous dolls that I wasn't allowed to play with in a relatives house. And I was so intrigued by them. Later on in life, I started collecting my own by buying and selling beautiful rare hard to find dolls. And now I buy and sell as a hobby.

I have a sizeable inventory of antique dolls and figurines. If you do not see anything you like on my on line web site, please contact me if you have something specific in mind as I might very well have it! I guarantee the description & authenticity of my items.

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